My Story

I’ve taken many journeys throughout my life always trying to find my passion.  Funny thing is I’ve known the answer for some time, but wasn’t sure how passion would merge with my hectic life.  I’m still not sure how it will work, but I have to start somewhere.  What are my passions…giving once loved furniture new life and cooking!  I usually wake up thinking about one or the other and at some point in my day I day dream about one or the other…luckily I get to do one every day – I think that’s lucky. I get to cook.  I cook about two or three days per week and I create a meal for my family two to three days per week. The creation of a meal is the exciting stuff.  I get to love on furniture a little less, but am no less passionate about it. I’m a wife, mother of three, and I work full time.  I would like you to follow my journey as I work to bring Leigh & Ollie Interiors to life.  A name that is ever so significant to me.



The name Leigh & Ollie is derived from my grandmother’s name - Mrs. Neathel Leeollie Thornton Warner.  Each of my passions directly connects with her in some way.  I spent hours in the kitchen rolling dough for homemade dumplings, measuring chocolate for homemade chocolate cake and shelling peas – just so I could drink the pot likker (or pot liquor for those who think pot likker is just a little too country).  And before I was allowed to get my hands on the real food she would let me make mud pies from the Alabama red dirt.  Her house was filled with treasures – trunks, suitcases, washtubs, a Singer sewing machine from the late 1800’s – on which my great grandmother Amanda Thornton made her living...   Sad I was too young to realize what we had.

So, that’s a little about me.  I hope to find out a little about each of you as we take this journey through cyberspace.