My Story

I’ve taken many journeys throughout my life always trying to find my passion.  It took a health crisis for me to make a move.

March 2017 I was walking in New Orleans, I stepped on Burbon Street and almost passed out.  My body became numb, my breathing short and my left jaw began to tingle.  This started a 15 month process of trying to figure out what was wrong with me.  On top of having every typical stroke symptom, I also began to suffer with debilitating migranes and anxiety.  I visited neurologists, physical therapists, acupunturists, chiropractors (note the plural on each specialist)...over 18 physicians (Western and Eastern medicine), multi MRI's and too many emergency room visits to name.  I fed my soul with the Word of God, my ultimate source for healing, and I also took my natural health care into my own hands.  A complete holistic diet, yoga, and meditation supported my return to health.

My goal is to support you as you return to a healthier you.





The name Leigh & Ollie is derived from my grandmother’s name - Mrs. Neathel Leeollie Thornton Warner.  Each of my passions directly connects with her in some way.  I spent hours in the kitchen rolling dough for homemade dumplings, measuring chocolate for homemade chocolate cake and shelling peas – just so I could drink the pot likker (or pot liquor for those who think pot likker is just a little too country).  And before I was allowed to get my hands on the real food she would let me make mud pies from the Alabama red dirt.  Her house was filled with treasures – trunks, suitcases, washtubs, a Singer sewing machine from the late 1800’s – on which my great grandmother Amanda Thornton made her living.